Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Treatment # 3

Nic had his 3rd treatment today. He is feeling pretty crappy right now. Once again, I was able to watch the color drain from his face. He goes in healthy & feeling alright, comes out looking a little pale and grayish, feeling icky. Oh well, 6 months of hell for a healthy long life after, right- I'll take it!
I asked Dr. Stinnett about Nic's counts. They were low this week, as was expected, but nothing like last treatment. He said his counts were @ 8000 this week (for white blood cell), & last treatment they were at 2000, the other count-- red blood cell?? not sure what the other count is, but it was at 200 last treatment and 800 today. Sooooo that helped me to see just how low they were last time. I guess healthy/normal is around 15,000, which we won't be seeing in Nic until a few months after treatments have been completed. We were told he will feel worse after each treatment & so far I agree, each treatment it has taken him longer to feel better. He also got the shot again, the one that makes him feel like ---well, whats worse than crap??, I guess we'll stick with crap x 2??
He did gain another 2 lbs-- he is almost up to his pre-cancer weight. Keep the good food coming!!


Well, Nic experienced his first ferocious migraine last night. I think now when I get one, he'll be a little more sympathetic to me. His doctor told him that for the duration of his treatment he needs to stick with Tylenol treatments, no aspirin or Ibuprofen. Those who suffer from migraines
-insert laughing and snorting here-
understand how effective Tylenol is on a migraine. By the time I got home he had taken his max dose for the time being-- meaning the Tylenol based narcotic he could have taken, he wasn't able to take. ( I think he forgot he had some). I gave him all my suggestions and tips that I use,
-insert laugh again-
because they are not normal, they are little oddball home remedies. Or witchcraft as Nic likes to joke. He tried a few that took some of the edge off. But by the end of the night gave up & took some Alka-seltzer, which has Ibuprofen & Aspirin, but was able to sleep well. He woke up this morning with a small headache lingering, but after that, a headache is tolerable.
He has his treatment at 1:30 today. I'll post later if I get a chance.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cassidy's Dance Competition

She was a little nervous.

Cassidy's first dance competition.

She did so well. She is one of the blonde's. She starts on the top corner of the back row. She got a trophy, & her next competition is Saturday @ Roy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trent got a hair cut

I got the clippers out & gave him a buzz- it was with the longest attachment.
But a nice difference none the less.

New Phone

Not sure if you can tell by the pictures, but I got a plastic "shell" to go over my phone.
I also got a phone made of metal not plastic.
I also got insurance for it.

So far so good. I have sent about 5 blank text messages. I had to look in the manual to find out how to text. Trent figured out the camera and the ring tones for me.


Once again---- Awakened to the sound of barfing. Cassidy was sleeping with me & about 1 hour after going to sleep I heard the dreaded sound-- the warning sound that would have given me about 5 seconds warning had we been awake-- but since we were asleep I dazed into waking life as she let the mother load fly- good thing her head was turned away from me. I thought I had woke her & told her to go into the bathroom. So I went to gather towels & rags to clean it up & when I came back she was still asleep and throwing up. At this point, it is matted into her hair, & all over her face, some in her ear- & there she was, sleeping. So I started cleaning & turned on a bath- HOWEVER, those of you who know me well, know I don't do well with throw up. I know I am a mom & that it comes with the territory, but it doesn't make it any easier. As I am cleaning--a song came to mind- Silly I know, perhaps it was because I still felt like I was moving at a paused pace in sleep mode, but the song came to me- Over the river and through the woods... Particularly the part where-- " It stings the nose & bites the toes" only in my sleep state, I was thinking, It stings the eyes & bites the nose. Call me crazy, I can't justify my thoughts when awakened from my slumber.. But with thoughts of that song, here comes the feeling over me. My eyes were watering, my mouth was watering- I was trying to keep the smell from my nose so I was breathing out of my mouth. But alas, it was too pungent. I get a couple of fake/sympathy heaves as I am trying to clean- as I usually do, I just don't do well with puke. But I couldn't stop it, then I lost it- in time of course to get it to the sink. So afterward, I opened a bottle of rubbing alcohol & wafted it around my room & bathroom, so I could get through it with out "tossing" more than I already did. So I got it cleaned up, I opened my back door & shook the sheets, rug, & pillow that were affected & then started the washer. Poor Cassidy still couldn't figure out what was going on-- Why was I making her take a bath in the middle of the night. We just did a quick rinse, because she was 1/2 asleep & we now had debris floating around the tub. I got her back into bed & went to rinse out the tub & sink. In the process I decided that I needed to buy some draino. My drains now drain VERY slowly, I used a little plunger for my sink, because I didn't think pulling up the debris piece by piece was going to help out my cause much. So I plunged them down, then poured a little alcohol down with it- The smell just causes a reaction I don't appreciate. Neither do the neighbors-- once again those of you who know my know why. My kids did inherit this silly trait, Trent got a full dose, Cassidy & Stockton have a 1/2 & 1/2 with me & Nic. Nic can throw up & no one hears a thing. Me, the neighbors hear, it starts from my toes, and the closer it gets or the longer I do it, the LOUDER I get. Nic has to make jokes every time- I totally understand why, just not usually in the mood for a joke when it's right after.
Anyhow, we slept good the rest of the night, of course I went to sleep with the tune of "over the river" in my head. She is fine this morning, she must have eaten something that didn't agree with her last night.
For those of you wondering, I am pretty sure my brothers & sister have the same traits-- I've heard my sisters-in-law talk my brothers vomiting in the same loud manner.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank You

Thank You for the dinners this week, Jessica, Gregg and family & Monica, Eddie & family. & Kim W for the delicious chicken. It really is a big help to have these.
I should be getting a new phone today- Can't wait!
I was looking through my friends blogs & stumbled across a friend of a friend-- He went to Jr High & High school out here with me.. I DIED watching this little blog blurb of his. Cracked me up-- Give it a view.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


So, I'll be getting a new phone. This one has been dropped for the last time.
If you try to call me- I may or may not get the call, when I do get them, it's hard to talk, because I have to hold the phone together.. I'll be getting insurance on the next phone.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Not sure what other word describes that. This is the sound Cassidy was making this morning before having had anything to eat. Nothing like throwing up from the pit of your empty stomach. Her little flu bug was either hiding for the last 2 days or she caught another one. Either way, we are pretty lucky that no other family members have caught this- Especially Nic. So far anyway. She is feeling better, but still has some of the issues that go along with the flu. We are hoping all is well by the weekend, she has her first ever dance competition. Fun Stuff. Nic & I were able to get a little work done in the yard, I mowed the lawn, with our awesome new mower ( Thanks Mark & Kristin) & Nic tilled & raked out the garden, so we can hopefully get in some planting this week, or weekend. I also got to get in some cooking today, something I really miss, now that I don't have as much empty time. I made roast beef with carrots & potato's, rolls & pasta salad. YUMMY! I also got a chance to make some fresh Strawberry Jam.. 1 batch last night and one today. One more to go- Tomorrow.
Feeling very accomplished for the overall weekend, since we figured Nic would be out of service. He's done very well, kind of ignored his fatigue, but by the end of the night, pays for it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well we finally got Nic's shot approved and he got it today. Only time will tell if it ends up being a painful one or not. He is still feeling tired-- well more like wiped out.
Thank You for the meals this week:
Mike & Lisa and Family
Mark & Kristin and Family
John & Crystal and Family
Thank You for watching Stockton:
Kim C
Kim W

It's only 7:20 am

So far, Cassidy has gotten up 5 times to throw up. This last time she didn't even get up for it, just threw up in her bed. I am now washing her sheets while she takes a bath- I am also spot cleaning the carpet. I woke up Nic to give him his nausea pill, & he has a headache, not feeling well either. So I called in to work, because I have to do my best to keep these 2 forces of evil apart. Because if they reunite & cross germs.... Well, in my head I am picturing a scene from Independence day. But I am sure you all get the idea. So that is my day so far. Hopefully the insurance will approve the shot for Nic, so he can get it today, and even then, I will still need to keep the forces of evil away from each other. Hopefully Cass only has a 24 hour thing, I don't think I can go all weekend.... So ya, it's only 7:20 & I feel like I need a nap. That will come after I Clorox my house.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Well, Nic gained another 3 pounds this last week HURRAY!!!! He is almost back up to where he should be. Today was his second treatment- or what Dr. Stinnett would call treatment 1B. I say- 2 down 10 to go.
His white blood cell count was VERY low today, so he should have gotten a shot called Neulasta. Unfortunately, between me & the doctors office, we couldn't get my insurance to approve it today, so he should get it tomorrow or worst case scenario, Friday. No sick people at my house until he has had that shot.
I am going to try and remember to take a picture of the before and after his treatment. When I left the Dr.'s office this morning he looked alive. When I went to pick him up, he looked a shade of greenish white. No hiding it. He wasn't feeling well. I took him to get lunch & then went home. He took a nap. The energy was drained out of him.
Why did I post his picture you ask? Well..... This is who I think Dr. Stinnett looks like. I want very badly to call him Ferris. As he looks like a young Matthew Broderick. Nic would disagree, as he always does... Ü

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monster under the bed.

I want to thank Stockton for nominating me for mother of the year.

~He had gone the weekend with out any naps & stayed up later than usual, so he was a little sleep deprived. You all know how that can be with a child (or an adult). Nic had made some Mac'n'cheese and Stockton had eaten all of his and he started in on Trents, and then didn't let Trent have any, so we told him to share or nothing-- Well I am sure you guessed that he decided nothing, and was then upset about it. He was crying the naggy cry (the one where you have to try really hard to make it sound real) so I told him to go upstairs and cry in his room until he decided to be happy. So he went upstairs- This was about 8:45- and usually when he has to "go cry in his room" he will fall asleep or get side tracked with his toys & play by himself for a while. I didn't hear any more crying, so I thought he had done one of the above. So 9:30 comes around & I get the other 2 kids upstairs for bed, and as I am going up the stairs, I hear Stockton crying a faint cry. I followed it to my room & couldn't see him, so I asked him where he was. He seemed relieved to hear my voice & started crying even harder about how he was stuck under my bed & daddy had to save him. So I looked under the bed and sure enough, there he was, with puffy eyes. I had Cassidy run downstairs and get Nic. I tried to pull him out, but he started screaming about how daddy needed to save him. Nic came upstairs, at first he lifted the bed, but then realized he couldn't lift and pull him out. So then Trent lifted the bed & Nic got him out. Cassidy and I were watching with sympathy- Poor Stocky. As Nic was reassuring him, he was still crying, taking in big gulps of air. "My HUH HUH daddy HUH HUH HUH save me HUH HUH", big crocodile tears and sobbing so hard he was shaking. Then he went downstairs with daddy while Cassidy, Trent and I went to bed.

... And mother of the year goes to....ME!!!
What mother couldn't love such a cute little boy pretending to be such a cute little dog.

DD Hair cut

Well, Cassidy got very jealous of my new hair do & had to have one herself. She just couldn't wait, we had to get it done Saturday no matter what. So we got in the car & somehow, between home & the hair salon- Smart Cuts - which is about 1.5 miles she lost a tooth. She kinda looked like a rabbit for Easter, with 2 lone bottom teeth. So we got there, not much wait at all. She knew what she wanted, and told the stylist.




I told the stylist that Cassidy likes to do her own hair. Which is true, now that I am not there in the mornings, it's either her or Nic. So she cut it in a way that would just kind of "fall" into place, with out much hassle. She did a fantastic job.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I got a small clip at the end of one of the songs.


Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Thanks to Kim for making my cake!!!


Easter at Grandpa and Grandma Hadley's

Trent is at the age where everything is super exciting!

H a p p y

E a s t e r

The annual egg race. We always have cheaters, & dud eggs. But still VERY fun!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Smoke




M E !!!!!!!

My mom and sister took me out to Holy Smoke BBQ in Layton for a birthday lunch. I am going to say how much I enjoyed the food, service, and of course the company. We all tried something different. Quite a few of them were firsts for us. Hush puppies-- Scrumptious. Sweet potato fries, absolutely delicious. Catfish- I will be ordering this again the next time I am there, with the lemon sauce. The brisket was good, the chicken was good. Ribs, "Holy Smoke" they were good. I was a little surprised, I thought the pork would have been better- Don't get me wrong, it was good, but.. out of everything I tired, that would be my least favorite. they had a sauce bar ( I guess that is what you would call it) of sauces you could get & dip in or pour over your meat. They also had little take home containers for your sauces. The Mac'n'cheese had great flavor, the baked beans were sweet- too sweet for Cassidy, but I really liked them. Since we were all first timers there, we took a minute to look over the menu & decide what we were going to order, so the owner came out and gave us a little advice. Which worked out for us! When we were done eating he came out again & told us that the girls could have a free ice cream on him. Then Monica was nice enough to tell him it was a birthday Lunch for me and Alenika. So he then put on his silly glasses (the kind with big eyebrows, a big nose and mustache attached to the glasses) & he got a little blow horn type thing & stood on the table and announced that everyone was going to sing happy birthday- which they all did. It was a great experience in all & I will be going there again, hopefully soon. The staff was so nice, the owner is a good guy. I highly recommend this place to anyone VERY family friendly. Higher than Famous Dave's by far!!! Such a fun atmosphere. In the beginning we had take out menu's and were going to rate the food we had, so we would know the next time what we did and didn't like. By the end, we had tossed them. For trying foods we hadn't tried before, everything was either good, great, or exceptional. Nothing was bad.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dr.'s appt

Nic had his follow-up appointment. After loosing 5 lbs in 7 days last time, he actually gained 3 back. Hurray!!!
Thank you all for the delicious food, snacks, treats and drinks! I know it helped him.
The chemo effect seems to have died down a little. Yesterday, Nic mowed the lawn, and played 2 games of basket ball, all after working almost a full day. So it looks as though every other week will be an Okay week. His white blood cell count was down as they had suspected it to be, but not anything too terrible. He has even been playing the drums a little today, wahoo!
All his surgery incisions are healing up nicely, and he is getting used to the port.

Got my hair did...

Well, I got tired of doing a ponytail every day,and after reading my friend Jessica's blog about her new hair do.. I decided to get me a new one as well..

This is how it started. Look how long.

Then this... Gotta Love Karlie's face.

That is a lot of hair....

Tada-- last night at 10:15

Today for work.

**disclaimer** all photo's were taken by cell phone

Monday, April 6, 2009


So, I changed up my music a bit, as long as we are going through some older pictures, I thought some really old music would be fun-- Okay so not really old, just music I remember as a kid. Playing Barbie's, Dancing/modeling to, listening to the radio on trips up to MonteCristo

Memory Lane

~Lova ya babe~
We'll get through this.


HI everyone,
Nic and I want to thank you all for the drinks and magazines and Snacks. We really appreciate it. Nic is still feeling tired & the nausea is in and out. He seems to have eaten better so we'll see what his weight is at his appointment on Wednesday.
Crystal and Jon
Lisa, Mike and family
Courtney, Brady and family
Grandma B

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well, I am not as excited for my Birthday as I was a month ago..
only 1 week until my birthday.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Thank you Lanse & Kim for dinner on Thursday& Crystal & DeLaine for helping out with the kids.
Keep the positive thoughts coming!
Nic lost 5 lbs this last week. From Wednesday to Wednesday- He's only got me by about 10 lbs now-- Guess I better get on it to lose a few ehhh..
Grandma "B", thanks for the chicken noodle soup, we both just finished a large bowl of it. Yummy!~
Nic has been feeling weak and tired. He has been down most of the day, which is really weird for me to see, usually when he is sick & has laid around most of the day, he goes stir crazy and needs to get out, even if he is feeling crappy. Well he now has a new definition of crappy, which makes the old crappy seem desirous.
Ashlee, thanks for the ESPN subscription, he looks forward to the first issue!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keep thinking...

Don't forget about the PORT post. I thought I would get a few more funny acronyms for AVBD




Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, today was a day full of IV bags. I think he had a total of 6 IV bags... Not sure, I left to go and get him a magazine & some munchies. Which brings me to my next paragraph.
For all of you who have been wondering "What can I do".. Well, I finally have an answer. Having gone through the first treatment, it is VERY boring. The patient next to us had his granddaughter there for about 2 hours, all the while, nickelodeon was on the TV (We don't get enough kids television at home, so we were thrilled to have this opportunity). I went and looked through the magazines in the waiting room-- all were old and uninteresting-- I'm talking 2007 old..... So If you feel this is your chance- You could get Nic a magazine, or subscription, so he has something new to read each visit. He mentioned-- Time, ESPN, Sports Ill., National Geographic... He's not much into books, so magazines are where it's at. He has also gone through quite a bit of Sprite and Gatorade. We have had to get the "single serve sizes" Because opening a 2 liter in this house, means community property and the kids often try & sneak a drink from the container (before mom & dad see them), which is now a health hazard for Nic.
Nic isn't supposed to feel nauseous today, in fact if he throws up in the next few days, I have to take him in. So hopefully we won't be dealing with that. He commented that he feels "weird". He wasn't sure how else to explain it.
For those of you who have asked- Nic won't be loosing his hair until he has had a few more treatments.
He has a follow-up appt. with Dr. Stennitt Next Wednesday & another treatment the following Wednesday.
A Big Thank You to Kim for watching Stockton today & to Grandpa and Grandma Hadley for dinner.
Next week is Spring Break for my kids- No School at all--any suggestions, can't go to a REALLY public place with Nic, or I can go with out him- and just take the kids.

~Side note~ Dr. Stinnett mentioned that people who smoke and/or drink are less likely to feel nauseated after treatment.~
Kind of interesting....

Here we go---

So today is the day, we'll go get his dose of chemicals & see how that goes. From here on out, when you visit my house, I've got a bottle of hand sanitizer at the door- everyone who enters, must use it. My kids will tattle on you if you don't☺☻