Saturday, October 27, 2012

As luck would have it..

As much as my husband would disagree-
I am feeling pretty lucky.
The last few weeks we have been making adjustments to having one car. Ours was in the shop for about a week. Then my parents had theirs in the shop & needed ours. On my way home from picking up my car at my parents house, everything was driving just fine. As I pulled into the my driveway & put the car in park, my brakes gave out. The car had already shifted into park, but I could tell something was wrong with my brakes. I came in and got Nic to come look,  when we got out to the car,brake fuild was leaking out  and the line was disconnected.  3 seconds earlier, and I would have driven into my house. 3 minutes earlier & I would have been on Antelope drive. 3 hours earlier, and my mom would have been driving the car. So in my opinion, having them break where they did was just fine with me. Now my husband thinks that the car repair itself is unlucky, however, I didn't hit anyone or anything which is what most likely would have happened. I arrived home safe, no injuries or major repairs. So yeah, I am feeling kind of lucky.