Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 24th

Stockton loves having a "newdoh"
Girls like posing.
Grandpa & Stockton
Grandma made all the girls a summer dress.
Stockton would rather not be splashed.
Nic giving Cassidy a quick swim lesson The pool water was right on for PH balance, but a lot of kids with red eyes.
Stockton saying "take my picture"
Cassidy is always up for a picture.

A fun little game while it lasted.


Apricot time!
Which ones will make the cut?

Almost all of them. We made some juice out of them.

It makes for a long day when you are canning.


You may remember a post from a while back titled "Guess" (From June 22nd ) It had to do with the forgotten garden. I was feeling overwhelmed with going full time and Nic having cancer. I had to let go of something. Well as much as I wanted to let go of laundry or cleaning, I knew it had to be the garden. Thanks to all the rain, not only did I not ever have to water, but my weeds started thriving. So I decided last week that I needed to see if my green beans were ready, but how? So, I got a good start on it, then picked my beans. While picking my beans I noticed the invasion of snails. Being that it was about 7:00 AM, they were out in full force. So after picking my beans, I started picking snails. At first I was holding them into my hand, then they started over flowing, so I went & placed them all in my wheelbarrow- thinking the sun would get to them before they could slime their way out. I got tired of making trips to the wheelbarrow, not that it was that far away, but really their was a crap load of snails. So I started plunking them at the fence. I have a chain link fence, on my back neighbors side, she has built up a little fountain of sorts & used cinder block to lint the fence. I splattered about 10 snails against that before deciding I had hopefully cut their numbers by 50%. As I am stepping out of the garden & was going towards the hose to wash my hands and feet, I noticed I had 3 little slugs on my feet. BLAST VILE THINGS. GROSS. It wasn't bad enough they ate some of my green beans & ruined a few of my potato plant, they has to slime their way onto my feet & legs. *shutter*

Here are the pictures to my story.

No matter how much I scrubbed, I could still feel the slime.

My tomato's are coming along nicely.

Cassidy told me to buy this kind, Sun Sweet. They stay this orange color & she & Stockton Love them! I can't get up the nerve to just pop one in my mouth and try it...

The Joy of Kids

I really wish I could have experienced this first hand, but I will go off Nic recollection.
Every time I think about it, I grin and giggle.
On the way to the babysitter (Kim) the other morning, Nic had himself, Cassidy & Stockton in his truck. Kim only lives about 5 minutes away. On the way, Stockton starts patting his pants pocket & starts talking to it. "I sure hope you are going to be okay in there." Nic asked him who he was talking to. He responded with "My Tato bug" like Duh, how could you not know. Yes, before leaving he had found himself a little potato bug friend & decided to take him to be friends with his friend Logan. When they got there, the bud was no where to be found--
My guess is that it fell in between the seats of Nic's truck.
He was a little bummed, but got over it quickly enough.
As Nic was telling me the story, Stockton chirped in with- I put some grass in my pocket to so he could have something to eat. So We will see what comes out of the dryer filter...
Stockton, such a cutie pie.


Seriously the BEST coupon I have found all year-
could be used over and over for 12 days!!!!
I have had 1 a day for the last few days! Yummy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I would like to have a Pampered chef/Tupperware party, anyone have a consultant they would like to recommend?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Party

~Hello Everyone~
Cassidy's Birthday is on Monday. We are going to have a party for
her on Sunday August 2nd. @ 4:00 pm
We will be Tie-Dying- Anyone who wants to tie-dye needs to bring the item they want dyed. I have the tie-dye and rubber bands. FYI, Michael's has t-shirts 5 for $10.00, but you can also do socks, shorts, pajama's, pillowcases, hair scrunchies, tights- anything white or light colored.
** Wear dark colored clothing,
or clothes you don't mind getting color on **
We will be having cake and ice cream, & finger food!
If you would like to attend, please let me know & I will give you the address to the park we will be going to.

Saturday, July 25, 2009



Mutton Bustin' How cute is that?

Waiting for the rodeo to start with the temp at 100

The Girls

Me and Stockton

Me and Maddie Me and Trent

Friday, July 24, 2009


Well, we thought Trent had a cold sore. After almost 2 weeks of being on a anti-viral, he had 3 new spots & more on the way. Man did they look painful. We took him back and got the correct diagnosis of impetigo. He is now on an anti-biotic. Impetigo is kind of like a strep/staph infection of the skin. It oozes, leaks, cracks and bleeds, down right nasty.

Bennett Reunion, Bear Lake

Lots of Pictures, no words.