Thursday, July 30, 2009


You may remember a post from a while back titled "Guess" (From June 22nd ) It had to do with the forgotten garden. I was feeling overwhelmed with going full time and Nic having cancer. I had to let go of something. Well as much as I wanted to let go of laundry or cleaning, I knew it had to be the garden. Thanks to all the rain, not only did I not ever have to water, but my weeds started thriving. So I decided last week that I needed to see if my green beans were ready, but how? So, I got a good start on it, then picked my beans. While picking my beans I noticed the invasion of snails. Being that it was about 7:00 AM, they were out in full force. So after picking my beans, I started picking snails. At first I was holding them into my hand, then they started over flowing, so I went & placed them all in my wheelbarrow- thinking the sun would get to them before they could slime their way out. I got tired of making trips to the wheelbarrow, not that it was that far away, but really their was a crap load of snails. So I started plunking them at the fence. I have a chain link fence, on my back neighbors side, she has built up a little fountain of sorts & used cinder block to lint the fence. I splattered about 10 snails against that before deciding I had hopefully cut their numbers by 50%. As I am stepping out of the garden & was going towards the hose to wash my hands and feet, I noticed I had 3 little slugs on my feet. BLAST VILE THINGS. GROSS. It wasn't bad enough they ate some of my green beans & ruined a few of my potato plant, they has to slime their way onto my feet & legs. *shutter*

Here are the pictures to my story.

No matter how much I scrubbed, I could still feel the slime.

My tomato's are coming along nicely.

Cassidy told me to buy this kind, Sun Sweet. They stay this orange color & she & Stockton Love them! I can't get up the nerve to just pop one in my mouth and try it...


Me said...

Salt the snails - works wonders. Or get a margarine container and bury it in the ground until the lip is even with the dirt, and fill it about half full with beer. Every morning, go out and dump it, beer, snails, slugs and all, then replace and refill. :)

Our Family said...

Hmm, I think I am going to try that.