Friday, April 26, 2013

1 week and 1 day

Baby Nash is now 1 week and 1 day old. It has been the best week and 1 day so far this year. The happiness a baby brings into a home is so amazing. My kids argue as to who gets to hold him first. They are excited to get up and get ready for school so they can hold him before they leave. I had to put his car seat in the middle seat, so 1 child can sit on each side of him. If it weren't for the nusring, I don't think I'd ever get a turn to hold him.

As for me, I continue to have high blood pressure. I thought that would go away after his birth, but I guess it takes quite a bit longer, if at all.

Nash Nicholas Hadley

Nash Nicholas Hadley arrived on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 @ 8:56 PM. He weighed 7 lbs 15 oz,  21 inches long.
It all started at my appointment. I had a 1:40 ultra sound then a follow up with my Doctor. Ultra sound looked good. I had my blood pressure taken, it was higher than the last few weeks, but not high enough 131/76. During my exam, we discussed the date of Thursday, April 25 as an induction date. I mentioned during my appointment that I was getting a headache. So before we left we did a re-check on my blood pressure. It was 147/89. We waited a few minutes then took it again on the other arm- 154/91. That was the deal breaker. We went right over to Davis (down the hall) and started with an induction.  I was all hooked up and started around 4:00 pm. Had my water broke at 5:30, elected for an epidural about 7:00. The epidural only worked on the right side of my body, which wasn't too bad at first. Then the contractions got stronger and stronger-as they do. They called the anesthesiologist back up to my room and she administered more medication. I was still feeling very painful contractions on my left side. They asked if I wanted more medication. I couldn't imagine at this level of pain I had much more labor left, so I asked them to check me, yup- it was go time. I had to wait for another 4-6 contractions before my Doctor got there. Then finally I was able to push. It is much easier to push through a contraction than it is to breath through them. After about 5 minutes of pushing, baby Nash was here. Such a miraculous sight and sound.
Proud daddy

Every time I had an ultrasound, they would comment on his hair andchubby cheeks-
They were right.

He has long fingers and toes

 The morning of

 My maternity clothes were getting too small

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I wrote this last Thursday: April 11th.

So we were certain today was the day. I have had high blood pressure the last few months. (can't imagine why) Yesterday I went in for a B/P check. It was the highest it's ever been 157/96. They took it again, 159/99. We waited 10 minutes then checked again. 148/89. They had me stay and talk to my Doctor. She said she was on the fence about sending me over right then to be started, coming in later that evening to be started , or holding off until today and have it checked again. I decided to wait until today, that way I could come home and tie up all loose ends before having this baby. So Nic and I got all our ducks in a row, bags packed and we went in for the appointment.  We had an ultra sound first to check things out. Looks like baby should weigh about  6lbs 12oz for now.  Then we did the B/P check 124/ 76. Really..... Not sure how that happened. I got up at 3:00 this morning because I couldn't sleep. I nodded off a few times while in the waiting room. I told her maybe it was because I was so tired. She said either way, the numbers were great. I told her we had come in with the plan of being induced. She mentioned she had that same plan, and that she wondered about letting me leave yesterday. But seeing my numbers today, she would see me Monday morning.  We were SO close to having this baby today, but alas, here I sit at home.  Yes I realize the longer he is in there, the better of he will be. So tomorrow, it's back to work- even though I had planned on being in the hospital with my little boy and starting my maternity leave. Another week if not more of wearing maternity clothes that are starting to get snug. My shirts barely cover my belly, and my pants no longer stay on my belly. Getting a little harder to dress professionally for work. 

Which leads me to another story....

2 weeks ago as I got to work and was putting my lunch in the fridge, a very nice female co-worker let me know I had a rip in my pants. In the back of my pants. Not on a seem. Just  a long -6 inch rip.  Had she not noticed or not told me, the next 2 people to see me were male co-workers. I was just happy to have been told by a female. The joys of pregnancy.

Baby Update: Written 4-16-13
I went to the Dr. yesterday, my B/P was still lower than it had been. I had also been experiencing some pain, I had her check me. I was at a 3, so progress had been made. Which was nice to hear. I was having some contractions, so they out me on the monitor. They weren't regular enough to have sent me over to the hospital. She told me to come back Thursday for an ultra sound and B/P check.  I am sure I will make it to that appointment. *sigh* this baby will come when he is good and ready. He must not want to share his birthday with anyone, he has had ample opportunity to be born on the birth date of a family member. Between the 2 families we have 9 birthdays this month.  Both my Hadley kids were born on Saturdays. Perhaps we will keep that tradition alive & go for this Saturday. Not up to me of course. Baby Nash or Baby Kade will make a grand entrance when he wants to.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


For my Grandma's funeral, we were fortunate enough to have all Chournos siblings in attendance. We have not had such an occasion for a number of years.  We snapped a picture after the funeral.  My vote is that everyone needs to be in town at the same time in about 1 year for a re-take.
One where I am not 9 months pregnant.