Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer fun

While on maternity leave, I have tried to go a few fun places with the kids.

Discovery gateway



Hogle Zoo

Bear Lake

Nic, Nash & I stayed at the beach. No boats or wheelers for us.

Boating with grandpa & grandma

Grandpa Hadley was nice enough to take the kids on a wheeler ride.
They went on the beach where cows graze-
So whats on their legs, sand or cow pies.
We'll never know.
Probably better that we don't know.

This view was my happy place during labor.

"This is the place"

Ready for a stroller ride.

Cassidy's first sarsaparilla.

Stockton feeding the pony.

School time for Stockton.

2 Month old Nash

Pictures of Nash at 2 months old.

These stickers work much better than home made.

He got frustrated with the camera.

Nash 1 month

Better late than never

Here are pictures of Nash at 1 month old
I forgot to order those cute stickers that mark his age, so I made one out of a Napkin I had. It's a little too big. But did the job none the less.