Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Halloween

More Halloween

The best darn "Snot" dip ever!
It's velveta cheese with green food coloring. I also added some parm cheese to make it a little chunky. It was great with pretzels & celery, but the kids were too grossed out to eat it!

Chournos Halloween

I have had this post sitting in my edit box waiting for me to get it ready for being posted-- but I am behind now, so all pictures, not much words.

Multi-colored cheese rolls - inside the rolls there is cheese!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Grandkid Quilt

For my moms birthday this year, I made a quilt & we had each grandchild slap on a hand print.
We are only missing one. Little Collin was born October 9th, & lives too far away to have gotten it done before the birthday.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Willow Park

Every year we make a trip to Willow Park in Logan, sometimes 2.
This is the first time I've ever seen this this critter awake.
Such pretty colors

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Picking out Pumpkins

For the last few years, my parent's neighbor has let us come & pick out pumpkins from their patch. This has become a fun tradition for us. Thanks Briggs Family.

I picked this pumpkin

Good looking pumpkins!

I was marching through the pumpkin patch and & right as I was about to take my next step, I saw this large beauty of a spider. I was carrying a pumpkin & tipped myself backward to avoid the spider, almost falling. & yes, I think I may have screamed- ahhhhh. I looked around to see which of my siblings were watching me & possibly laughing that I about toppled backward. I then proceeded to yell to my family about this "huge spider, biggest I've ever seen." It wasn't until about 3 minutes into my rant that someone decided to listen & came over to look. "Wow, that is a big spider" Then my younger brother came & said, awe. that's nothing, I've seen tarantula's- well ya, me too, but only in pet stores. This was in the wild & was beautiful. Such pretty striping. It's hard to tell just how big it was, but it's body length was about the size of my thumb, so with it's legs, it probably would have spanned bigger than my palm. Then I had the creepy crawly's all day. I was at the grocery store about 4 hours later, my hair in a hat- some of my hair had gotten loose & tickled my face. So I did what anyone would do right, I smacked myself in the face a few times in the middle of SMITH'S.
Then got a grip, when I figured out it was my hair, not a spider.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkins with the Hadley's

I sifted through all the guts so I could get some pumpkin seeds to cook.

Bobbing for apples

Eating doughnuts off the floor, because they broke off the string.

Trent- being a cool teenager.


We went to opening night at WITCHAPOLOOZA'S dinner theater. Nothing like a girls night out!

Me, Jen, DeLaine, Crystal & Stephanie.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steam Boat Springs

A view from the top of the chair lift- on top of the next hill , on top of a ski run (currently not running) & I mean on top, I climbed to the mechanical room of the lift.

So pretty

So much for taking a picture of ourselves.

Nic was pretty impressed with the white house on the right- so I had to take a picture. Something about the design & architecture...

The ride up- WAY UP

Cheers to the party people who made sure we had a great time in Steam Boat.
It was awesome.

Look at that dinner- YUMMY!
Can't forget the jell-O

Not sure if Nic was impressed or intimidated by the fire hydrants.

Okay, now there is a semi good picture of us two on our anniversary trip.