Monday, December 21, 2009

Hadley Family Christmas Card

Merry Christmas everyone, Friends & Family so dear,
Sorry for the delay, this is our Christmas card this year.

We've had some trials, good and bad, as all of you may know,
We've cried, we've loved, we've lived, we've laughed-it helps us all to grow.

We Thank You for the love and support, that you all have given,
People like you are a MUST, in the times that we are livin'

The Hadley Family wishes all of you the best,
Be safe, have fun, make memories as we lay this year to rest.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's official. I am now the parent of a teenager!

Sure am glad he cut his hair.

Love ya Trent!

The official piƱata breaker.

Such a man

He knows how to handle a wheeler.

AZ 2008. Look at that form.

He must like this shirt. Of all the pictures I went through, I posted 2 of him wearing this shirt.
All the other pictures, he was either wearing a Rainey Homes T-shirt, or Patriots attire.
Happy 13th Birthday Trent.
Your Family loves you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I called to order a 5 buck pizza last week & they gave me a total of 3 dollars and change-- so I asked them if I got my order right-- & sure enough they did. They said every Tuesday & Thursday in December a 5 buck pizza ($5.99) is 1/2 off ($2.99). What a deal- any number of toppings you want. I think their pizza is very good for the price, much better than Little Caesars.
Just passing along the savings on some yummy pizza!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Craft Fair - Botique

My kids' school is having a craft fair/ boutique on December 5th.
Please come & look around.
*Syracuse Arts Academy*
at the cross road of Antelope Drive & 3000
My sister & I will be selling Cinnamon rolls & Orange rolls. Yummy!
Hope to see you there!
Other vendors will be;
Scentsy, pampered chef, Marykay,Usborne books, Miche Bags, Cookie Lee, Lia Sophia jewelry, Isagenix, not to mention crafters with car seat covers, watch bands, magnet boards, hair bows,chocolates, and even a lady who does eye lash extensions!