Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What not to do at the gym

I have recently started going back to the gym. I have found that I much prefer my music to theirs, so I take my little MP3. If something that keeps my attention happens to be on TV, I'll keep an eye on it & read the sub titles. Because I have an MP3, I figure I should have no control over the remote, because I have what I need to get through my work out.
When at the gym on Saturday, I get started on the ecliptic machine. about 40 mins through my workout, a gent, who looked about 50-60 hopped on the treadmill just in front of me. He takes the remote & doesn't seem to understand how Dish Network works. He ended up ordering a pay per view movie. I keep my eye on him, because at the moment he is my entertainment. Then I see him shake his head & mumble something. He then preceded to change the channel about 20 more times. Still not satisfied with what he has found, he continues to dink around with the controller. At some point the TV has had enough & looses reception. I see him shake his head again. At this point, I think everyone in the cardio area is watching him. He then pulled out a very nice looking IPOD or MP3- looks like it was made for working out. As he fumbles with that, he dropped it, then picked it up, then some how it flies 2 treadmills over & he goes to retrieve it. On his way back to his machine, which has been running the whole time while he straddled the sides, he grabs the remote for another TV. Remote in one hand, MP3 in the other. He then attempts to get back on his treadmill- no sure what he was thinking: could have been he forgot it was moving: could have been that he thought he could "step in time" & keep up. Really not sure. BAM- echo's throughout the gym. The gal on the treadmill next to him pulls the emergency cord. the other 2 ladies straddle their machines to make sure the old chap is okay. Me, I keep on going, things are taken care of. I do however happen to look in the managers office to see if he heard the commotion (not sure how you could miss it) & maybe he will come out. No, no manager. The dude hops up, says he is fine, then puts the remote on a vacant machine, and his MP3 in his shorts pocket. He then decided to check and see if he is really okay. Gives his elbow's, knees, nose & chin a good once over. All while 5-7 ladies are continually asking him if he is okay. He waves them off & starts walking on the treadmill- a much slower pace than what he had set it on while fidgeting with electronics. Beep Beep Beep- my hour work out is over. I clean my machine off, head back to the managers office - as I needed to update my card- & while he enters in my info, he said, did I just hear someone out there have an accident. I giggled, then I retold him the story. (I am such a bad person.) He just shook his head.
This silent movie I witnessed is why I will never control the TV or wait until I am on the machine to adjust my MP3.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


When I woke up looking like this I thought I was having a bad day.

Then I woke up looking like this.

Yea- My kids were scared to.

Stockton compared me to Sandy Cheeks while hibernating
Pretty close comparison.
Yes they itch- they only seem to come in the AM.
I have been to the Doctor once- I will be going in again today.
It is from something I am eating.

Princess cake

Here is my latest cake-
It was my first princess cake,
I think I did a prety good job!