Thursday, February 4, 2010


When I woke up looking like this I thought I was having a bad day.

Then I woke up looking like this.

Yea- My kids were scared to.

Stockton compared me to Sandy Cheeks while hibernating
Pretty close comparison.
Yes they itch- they only seem to come in the AM.
I have been to the Doctor once- I will be going in again today.
It is from something I am eating.


Krystal said...

Holy crap dude! I'm so sorry! That can't be fun. I hope you get better soon!

Me said...

You know, some people pay plastic surgeons big money to get lips like those! ;)

Just kidding - I know that's got to be miserable! I hope you get feeling better soon....

Karlie Urayna Bruce said...

Amber!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! Are you feeling better!? That is awful!! Do you know what it's from?!

Stefanie Britt said...

oh my, what in the world? you look miserable :(
I hope they can fix you.
(i think your just trying to get out of work)

Our Family said...

That was the only day I didn't go to work. I went the 3 days before when I looked bad, just not that bad. I had to runsomething into my kids' school- poor kids. And I went to the grocery store. Quite an experience.

Whitney said...

Gosh, poor thing! That looks like it feels horrible! I am soooooo sorry!