Monday, June 29, 2009


Okay, I am taking suggestions for a punishment.
Trent (My oldest, 12 years) got mad and and slammed his phone against the wall. The phone is fine. The phone broke through the dry wall. Why so angry? Well, he dialed a number on his phone & it didn't go through. He had forgotten to dial the 801. I can't really take away his phone, we don't have a home phone, so his is used when we have a babysitter, or when he babysits. He wants to fix the whole in the wall, but, I don't want him to like his punishment & he would really enjoy that.
What are your suggestions.

Changed my mind

Okay, so I changed my mind. These are the pictures, I don't think I will ever get used to the way he looks after treatment. Reminds me of Isabel during her treatment time. Just a pale look.


Yes, I know they are in different lighting, but the difference really is noticeable.


So Kim and I worked on a cute cake on Sunday. What 2 year old wouldn't love this cake?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

* T R E A T M E N T *

Since the last treatment didn't go so well, Nic's Doctor decided he needed to double up his nausea medication. So far so good. Just makes him more sleepy. We did make an appointment for his scans- that will be July 17th, & we will learn of the progress on his cancer.
I have been slow to get out my thanks to those of you who have helped. Please know that I appreciate all the meals & all the prayers.- And all the dishes- JUST KIDDING, I will be getting them back to you some day!

Monday, June 22, 2009


If you were to look at these pictures what do you think they are of?

Does this help?
I decided to post this after having a conversation with my sister. It was after dinner on fathers day. I mentioned how all the rain had just about made my garden a lost cause. She didn't think it could be that bad. Well I told her it looked like someone had planted grass seed in my garden. What do you think.
Looking at the bottom picture, the row closest to the fence is potato's. I am sure they are fine I will dig them up when the time comes. The next 2 rows are green beans. Now I planted my garden a bit differently this year. & I will never do it this way again. Last year I planted seeds in my water rows, & that's it. not as many weeds & everything grew well. This year, I did it the right way, by planting seeds in between watering rows. Some rows are very narrow, some aren't. After the 2 rows of green beans-- that aren't doing so well, I have a row of cilantro, onions, cucumbers, and zucchini's. The next row was meant for corn, but it never got planted. The last row with all the cages; tomato's, peppers, & tomatillo's.
Anyhow I told my sister if 1 person took 1 square foot of garden & I had enough people to only do 1 square foot, it would take each person 1 hour to do their spot. I still stand behind that.
Not to mention that some of the weeds aren't weeds at all. But plants that got tilled up last fall. I've got potato plants- and I didn't plant any last year. I have about 12 tomato plants that I didn't plant, I also have mint, and a few misc., all growing where the corn was supposed to go.
I'd keep the tomato plants, if I didn't already have about 10. I planted too soon & some were lost to the freeze- or so I thought. I never dug them up thinking they would just die. Well, they didn't, they got a few black leaves for a while, but now have sprouted flower blossoms. Yup, gonna have tomato's coming out my ears. Maybe I'll can some sauce this year, or take them into work, cause we just can't eat that many, not even with the help of family & friends.

Kims Cake

At least let me explain myself.......
I tried to make something different for Kim for her birthday. I googled abnormal cakes. I came across a few that were miss-sized on purpose. On google, they looked really cool. I also tried 2 new frosting recipes. The pink is a white chocolate tinted pick, the other is a marshmallow chocolate. While they both tasted good, neither of them decorated too well. Runny, not firm. Bummer, well it was too late to fix that. The top is a technique I have never tried before. Pattern dusting. It turned out pretty good for my first time.
Moral of the story, never try 3 new things at once.- I could have gotten away with 1- but not 3. Oh well, the cake was good.

Happy Birthday Kim.

How do you sleep at night

If when you go to bed, it looks as full and crowded as mine- Holy Moley. Many mornings I have woken up to a stiff neck, tender shoulder, & sore back. But my kids sleep better than ever.

More Zoo

The pictures say it all

Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's official. The Hadley family are now "members" of the Hogle Zoo!

Fun little waterfall- Glad Trent isn't too old to come with.

They are close

We went right when it opened.
The animals are so much more active then.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


One of my friends sent this to me, I just might try it.
Handle every stressful situation like a dog.
If you can't eat it or play with it,
Just pee on it and walk away.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cancer Sucks!!!!!

Another Treatment down. Only 2 more and we will have scans done again to check on the progress of these blasted chemicals. Then 4 more treatments & we should be done. I took a picture of Nic Before treatment started, & I took one of him on the way home. My point was to show you all that gray/green hollow look he has once he has finished treatment. It crushes me every time I pick him up from treatment. Such a drastic depressing change. I decided not to post them, because they were taken with my cell phone, so the pictures aren't all that great, and Nic asked me not to. He doesn't like they way it makes him look. I agree, I HATE the way he looks after.
Today's treatment was the worst thus far. When the nurse tried to get blood from his port, she didn't get any. She tried positioning him differently & a few other things. none. She thought maybe some blood had clotted, and gave him a *heparin soak.* she she gave him a shot of that in the port & let it sit for about 10 mins. & still nothing. So, she decided that the port must have been up against the wall of the vein, & took blood from his arm. So that prolonged the length of the treatment. He also had to take a nausea pill at the office. He has never had to do that before. Once the treatment was done, he got another heparin shot. So he now has to be extra careful & try not to bleed. He has been laying down all day. Cassidy & Trent both told me they don't feel good & have been down on the couch. So, we are over using the sanitizer in hopes that Nic doesn't get sick.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've been tagged

8 Things I am looking forward to...
1- No Cancer
2- Working part time or no time
3- Losing 10 lbs
4- Bear Lake get aways
5- Summer fun
6- Finishing the 2 books I am reading (Wicked series & left behind series)
7-Family time
8- Many cakes

8 Things I did yesterday...
1-Went to the gym
2-Went to work
3-Went to Trent's baseball game
4- Tried RevVNRG for the first time
5- Caught up on E-mails
6- Watered my garden
7- Did Laundry
8- Ate some fresh fruit
8 things I wish I could do...
1- Keep clean house or get a maid
2- Think straight
3- Eat healthier
4- Read more
5- Sew more
6- not be scared of water
7- Dress with Style
8- Go on a fun family vacation
8 shows I watch....
1-All my children
3-the Office
5-Sponge bob
6-Tom and Jerry
7-Mighty B
~ Can you tell I don't get much control over the remote~
8 People Tagged.......
1-Kim Whitesides
4- Karlie KaR BeAr
5-Sherie ??
6- Joilin ??
7-That's all I got.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Latest cake

On Friday, Kim and I both had cakes to work on. Usually when this happens, we work on them together. They were both for our nieces. I have a picture of the paper plates I was trying to match the cake up with. The orange cake was for my niece's first birthday, that is the one she got to mash. Kim and I got new sample frosting and filling to try, and I must say so far so good!

Shinny frosting

Cinnamon bread

Yesterday, my sitter and friend Kim, had a sick little boy. I called my mom & Nic to pick him up with no luck. So I left work early & went to get him. We then stopped at the store & picked up a few items & then picked up the kids from school. They got out early (today is their last day). We then came home, gave the house a quick cleaning, then started making cinnamon bread. I could have mowed the lawn or started weeding the garden, but I had some much needed time with the kids. I made a double batch of cinnamon bread dough. Each got to make what they wanted with their dough. The usual is butter, cinnamon & sugar. The kids were adding chocolate chips, coconut, white chocolate chips, brown sugar & even (Trent's idea) p-nut butter and chocolate chips. We haven't tried eating that yet. Can't try to eat 5 loaves of bread in one night.

Look at my little man. Too cute!

Good times.

Taking his frustrations out on the bread dough.

Each loaf was designated a color of toothpick & we wrote down what was in the mix.


While doing laundry, I had a pants hanger & was squeezing the little section open. It must have been old, for I had to apply quite a bit of pressure to get it to open. Then Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

My fingernail length was 1/2'd. Man that hurt.