Monday, June 1, 2009

Cinnamon bread

Yesterday, my sitter and friend Kim, had a sick little boy. I called my mom & Nic to pick him up with no luck. So I left work early & went to get him. We then stopped at the store & picked up a few items & then picked up the kids from school. They got out early (today is their last day). We then came home, gave the house a quick cleaning, then started making cinnamon bread. I could have mowed the lawn or started weeding the garden, but I had some much needed time with the kids. I made a double batch of cinnamon bread dough. Each got to make what they wanted with their dough. The usual is butter, cinnamon & sugar. The kids were adding chocolate chips, coconut, white chocolate chips, brown sugar & even (Trent's idea) p-nut butter and chocolate chips. We haven't tried eating that yet. Can't try to eat 5 loaves of bread in one night.

Look at my little man. Too cute!

Good times.

Taking his frustrations out on the bread dough.

Each loaf was designated a color of toothpick & we wrote down what was in the mix.

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