Sunday, January 22, 2012


Isabel was released from the Hospital on Friday.   She looks good and has been eating. She had a few transfusions during her hospital stay, that *should* ensure that she will be ready for treatment # 4 on Friday. This treatment is the 36 hour, so depending on when she gets admitted, it could be a 2 night stay. After the last week I am sure she will be happy to only be there for 2 nights or less.  Jen mentioned to me that after doing the calculating- Since Isabel has started her treatments, she has been in the Hospital 50% of the time. We are hoping that number doesn't stay true for the remainder of her treatment.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Just wanted to let you all know how much Nate & Jen appreciate all the support and meals that have been brought in. For those who have offered to spend time at the hospital or help watch the children at home, please understand and do not take offense that we haven't taken you up on your offers. Isabel currently has to bath 3 times a day (for this hospital stay) to help heal the the spots of infection. She is only comfortable with a handful of people helping her to do this. She also has a high intake of fluids to keep her bladder flushed of chemicals, therefore using the restroom about every 2 hours or so. Sometimes she needs help with this as she is attached to IV's. She only feels comfortable having certain people help her with this.

As for Maddie, Taylor and Easton, Maddie is in 1/2 day kindergarten. Taylor goes to preschool in the AM. Easton hangs out. Due to these circumstances, anyone watching them needs to have room in their car & car seats for travel. Maddie & Taylor have overcome the stranger danger stage, but Easton is leery of anyone that isn't his mom or dad. Once Isabel gets back on schedule for treatments (hopefully we don't have anymore set backs) It will give some of you the chance to help with babysitting. Mostly in the afternoon, once Maddie & Taylor are home & while Easton takes a nap.

Most of the meals since treatment has began have been last minute meals. Due to unforeseen issues, we have had to reschedule some of you and most haven't had a chance to bring one. Again, once we get back on track & hopefully don't have any more bumps on the road, this may be an easier way to help. If you are in a position to make and deliver a meal with about 24 hours notice please let me know, as that has been the trend thus far. Jen's work & ward have been doing meals this week. If Isabel is released tomorrow, she will have her 36 hour treatment next friday. I won't be planning any meals until she is released and her counts are high enough to be approved for treatment.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bad Luck

Talk about your bad luck. This week was supposed to be a week off of treatment for Isabel. However, she  didn't feel well yesterday, had a fever and passed out.  Jen took her to PCMC last night where she was admitted for having an infection in her body. The infection was bad enough that it had started showing red markings on the outside of her body. She was put on multiple antibiotics. If the antibiotics didn't work, she was facing surgery to drain the pockets of infection.  It was decided tonight that enough improvement had been seen, that surgery was no longer necessary.  She will be in for a few more days to monitor her progress.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Treatment 3- Done

Treatment 3 is over. Isabel had lost 1 1/2 lbs during her stay, so they decided to go ahead with the feeding tube.  It has already been placed. Jen mixes up a formula & hooks Isabel up to it. Hopefully this will give her more energy to recover from these treatments. She will have her next treatment January 24th.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Treatment # 3 almost done.

Isabel is expected to be released tomorrow. Doctors have decided to try an appetite stimulant, rather than a feeding tube. She starts the pill tonight and they will watch her weight for 1 week.  She hasn't been eating or drinking this stay because she doesn't want to throw up. So hopefully this pill will work.
She doesn't have a treatment this next week, as every 4th week is a week off.
Cassidy & I were able to visit her yesterday, she looks good.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Treatment # 3

Treatment # 3 is currently under way. This is the first 5 day treatment. Isabel has lost 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks, so at the end of this treatment, they will be placing a feeding tube. Their are 2 types of feeding tubes, one that ends in the stomach and one that ends on the upper intestine. Isabel will have the one that ends in the stomach. It will be capped and placed behind the ear when not in use. Jen can choose to do a feeding all night long, one once at every meal. If Isabel is too nauseous, or mouth soars are too painful, or if the food tastes like metal, Jen will make a formula that she can hook up to the feeding tube. Having the proper nutrition should help her to have more energy and feel more like herself.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Treatment 3

Treatment 3 should start on Friday. Since Isabel was sick in the hospital, the antibiotics she was on may have played a part in lowering her counts.

She should be in from Friday to Tuesday. If she happens to have a late admission friday, it could take until Wednesday.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Isabel was released Saturday night after a blood transfusion. She was feeling good for a few hours today, but it was short lived. They took her blood today, her numbers are not where they need to be to continue with her treatment tomorrow. Jen will find out tomorrow if they are going to take it day by day to test, or if they will wait a few days then test again. This will delay all weeks of treatment. If she happens to have her numbers high enough to start treatment on Thursday & she is released on Monday, they will wait until the following week before continuing treatment- IF her numbers are where they need to be.
After she got home Saturday night, her hair was falling out by the clumps. She to have it all buzzed off, so she did.