Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Here is the first fundraiser

This is for pampered chef. We are in the process of adding Scentsy & Tupperware. The procedes will be going towards Isabels account with Primary Childrens. The "party" is open from now until about mid April.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5 Day almost done

Isabel should be released tomorrow. There has been a change of plans. She is going to have surgery to try and get the rest of the tumor out. After her Doctors talked, they decided that the invasive surgery was a better option than radiation. They aren't sure how invasive it will be until she is opened up. Once her counts come up from this treatment, she will have some teeth pulled. Once she has recovered from that and her counts are good, she will have the surgery.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Isabel was released from the Hospital on Wednesday. We still haven't heard back on the cultures as to which type of infection it was, but she is doing better and that is what matters.  She had her blood tested today to check on her counts. They are not expected to be high enough at this point. They will test again on Thursday to see if they will be high enough for admission on Friday for her 5 day treatment. This round of meals will be done by Nate & Jen's ward, so I won't be asking family. Soon enough with the 2 surgeries and  radiation treatments, we will be needing meals daily Monday through Friday. So between family and church, we will all have a turn, maybe two.
 I have been asked about frozen meals. This is absolutely fine. Jen has a good amount of freezer space and these are great for those unexpected hospital stays, or bad/hectic days.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Isabel was admitted on Sunday due to fever and not feeling well. She had some transfusions, and they ran tests, confirming that she had a blood contaminant. They have postponed her 5 day treatment until next week- if her counts are high enough. She is hopefully coming home tonight with IV antibiotics for the next few days. They did CT & MRI scans today. They are using these to determine when to start and how long they will be doing radiation. They will do radiation and chemo in conjunction with each other this time. Unlike last time, when she had a break from chemo to do the radiation. She will soon be having some teeth pulled (4), due to having a small mouth. This will be in addition to the previous 4 teeth pulled. They are also going to preform a small surgery in order to preserve her childbearing ability. This will be a long few months for Isabel and her family.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Treatment underway

Isabel had her counts tested yesterday. She was admitted today, this is a 36 hour treatment.
Also, those who haven't seen yet, Isabel was on the front cover of Thursday's Standard Examiner. Her school had a little fundraiser put mostly together by Isabel's friend Boston. It is a very cute story if any of you get a chance to read it.