Friday, November 20, 2009

Mom & Dad B-day dinner

A kid free dinner with the family to celebrate Mom & Pop's Birthdays.

I thought I had ordered this (What Nic got)

This is what I ended up with- A mushroom jack Fajita, a perfectly delicious mistake.

Me, my sister and my mom.

Monte & Clint

The guests of Honor.

We got 2 of these for the table- would you believe we had a hard time finishing off 2 plates of ice cream & brownies between 13 people.

Everyone that came minus Clint- He is taking the picture.

cake class, roses

We were learning different types of fondant roses.
Who knew there were so many different ways to make a rose.

They turned out pretty cool

Cassidy was very excited to know that we were going toeat this cake.

After we took the flowers off, there was a little bit of color staining. If you look really close, it looks like a face.


Cassidy getting Silly before school

Stockton trying to keep up with Cassidy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things my dad taught me

Things I have learned from my dad

When trying out a new dessert recipe, add coconut.
This holds true for:
Rice krispie treats
Oatmeal marble squares
Oatmeal cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
Coffee cake
Chocolate frosting on chocolate cake
White frosting on chocolate cake
and many more...
As my friend Kim would say-- If I say I have a secret ingredient or that I tried something new with this recipe, it's usually coconut. She caught on pretty quick.

Throwing a sloppy joe across the table doesn't make it taste any better.

Add lemon pepper to any meat for additional flavor.

When going to church, fill your scripture bag with candy instead of books, no one will ever tell on you, because they are happy to eat the candy.

When you try a new recipe, you have to make it at least 5 different times, a different way each time to perfect it.

"Pull my finger" is a given phrase to anyone new to our family.

Everyone has 2 or 3 nicknames.

Just ask any family member, I bet they can name 5 for any given member with out much thinking. I am not going to list any ones, or my own, we'll see if anyone names them in the comments.

Clint Eastwood is a great actor, except in "Paint your Wagons"
Next runner up is Chevy Chase

Always make extra food, having too much is better than not having enough.
A rule I swear by.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fun Sunny day

Fun having a little picnic

Jensen Nature park in Syracuse

One of the last good weather days of fall.

My camera still works good after taking a swim a few monthes ago.

Feeding the Ducks

Can you see the fish?
The kids & I had a lot of fun watching them swim & jump

Such a fun day

Friday, November 13, 2009


Who knew that I would experience the BEST day & worst day of my life, all this year, & both on Friday the 13th.
Friday the 13th of March, Nic was diagnosed with cancer.
Friday the 13th of November Nic was declared cancer free.
Such emotions, such gratitude, such love. This year has certainly been a learning experience for all, not to mention an emotional roller coaster. I think I will finally be able to sleep at night with out the aid of sleeping pills. Seeing Nic's dirty clothes on the floor will, will only make me smile, knowing that he is still here with me. I have developed a deep appreciation for everyone who has helped me out, let me vent, and just put up with my crappy attitude. I know my poor friend Kim has been put through the ringer by me, and yet, she is still my friend. For that, I thank God.
I really do appreciate all of you, I know many of you made sacrifices so that you could help out me & my family. I don't know that you will truly understand just how much we appreciate it all.
words can not describe the elation I am feeling.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Old and Moldy

So I bought this cute sandwich holder from the dollar store & Cassidy was so happy to have it that she took her lunch to school the next day. I have since wondered about it. & then it magically appeared, a few weeks later. It had been left in her friends car. I had to open it & look, kinda like the train wreck. & Holy Moly, or should I say Holdy Moldy.
No point in cleaning it out, I just tossed it. I got my $1.00 worth of use out of it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Haloween Parties

So I remembered to take my camera to 2 out of 3 costume parties Nic & I went to this year. I love that everyone dresses up and is so creative. I am especially glad to have talked Nic into dressing up with me!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

T-dog trouble maker

Trent decided to be kinda funny & toilet the little baby trees we have. At first Nic thought maybe a neighbor had done it... Really, a neighbor came &toilet papered the trees in our back yard--- Hmm sounds fishy to me. & how about the 2 empty toilet paper rolls in the bathroom garbage. Something doesn't match up.
As an avid toilet paper'er back in my youth, I knew all to well who it was. TRENT. But I must say, this day & age, you might get sued for it, so kudos on toilet papering someone who he knew wouldn't really get upset.

How do you respond.....

So how do you respond?
I noticed Stockton's face seemed a little off... Upon a closer look, I found out that he had shaved off part of each of his eyebrows.
When I asked him about it, he got nervous, & I thought Maybe Trent had done it-but only because Trent had buzzed his eyebrow a few weeks earlier.
Stockton finally admitted to using daddy's razor to shave his eyebrow. (that's when you get hit with a dose of reality-- good thing that's all he did- Mother & Father of the year, yup, I've had quite a few nominations, but I think this is Nic's first one this year. Ü).
When I asked him why he did it, he said " I want to be like daddy and not have any eyebrows"
uhhhh, errr, ummmm okay.
How do you respond to that? I gave him a hug & thanked him for telling me the truth & told him not to do it again, because now it was a race to see who's grew back faster.


So Many pictures, My cute Nieces & Nephews at the Chournos Halloween party.

Gotta Love those who have the spirit of Halloween!

Trent decided on a last minute Bloody faced Skeleton

I got Nic to dress, I was quite pleased with out costumes!
Thanks to my mom for helping me sew it.

I pulled out all our old Halloween costumes & WOWSA the kids had fun.