Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steam Boat Springs

A view from the top of the chair lift- on top of the next hill , on top of a ski run (currently not running) & I mean on top, I climbed to the mechanical room of the lift.

So pretty

So much for taking a picture of ourselves.

Nic was pretty impressed with the white house on the right- so I had to take a picture. Something about the design & architecture...

The ride up- WAY UP

Cheers to the party people who made sure we had a great time in Steam Boat.
It was awesome.

Look at that dinner- YUMMY!
Can't forget the jell-O

Not sure if Nic was impressed or intimidated by the fire hydrants.

Okay, now there is a semi good picture of us two on our anniversary trip.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bear Lake

Such a pretty Lake & Scenery!

We usually make it up to Bear Lake a few times a year. This was our 2nd trip. Much better than the first one. We had gone over the 4th of July, & the temps didn't make it to over 74. Yea, not much fun on the cold and it was very windy. So this trip was top notch.

Stockton likes the sand WAY more than the water.

Can't separate Cassidy & Isabel. Ever since they could walk, they have been best buddies, & up at bear lake, it's as if no one else exists but them.

Grandpa Hadley loves to take the kids out on the boat.

Poor Nic was still on crutches.
Which I hear isn't a fun way to spend time at Bear Lake.
He did it twice this year.

Always in the sand. It takes days to get all the sand off him.

Cassidy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Cassidy

She chose a Princess Birthday.
Grandpa also joined in.I don't know how much longer I will be able to have Chournos family parties at my house-- this family is getting big!
Cassidy had all her girl cousins sleep over- Yup, that was a long night filled with cake & pop. We tried tiring them out with a little "Duck Duck Goose"
It was such a beautiful night! We took pictures of all the girls next to the princess of their choosing.
The colors of the sunset were amazing!
Trying to fit everyone in the family room.
The next day we took those who stayed the night along with my sister & mom to the sweets candy factory tour in SLC. It was pretty cool. They don't do much with chocolate, so we will be taking a tour of Mrs. Cavanoughs next.
Stockton picked some delicious sour balls. Cassidy got Orange sticks because it was her b-day. She chose wedding mints for her treat. Because it was a birthday party, all the kids were given a free bag of taffy. I am not usually a fan of taffy, but they had a caramel one that I bought a pound of.

All the kids with their goodies!

A snippet of duck duck goose.