Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lake Powel

Morning sunshine!

Pausing for a picture.

This smile looks kinda fake. After so many pictures, what did I expect?
John & Crystal - this picture, upon first glance, it looks like she is wearing a Chiquita banana hat, but really it is JD on a kayak behind her.
Just about everyone we went with, ready to plunge.
EXCLUDING ME- I have a minor water phobia.

Nate & Jen
JD, Natasha, & Jen.
A good place for a nap.

Lake Powel 2010

This arch reminds me of the eye from Lord of the rings.

I started taking pictures of everything pointed out to me, then they all started looking the same. Look, a red rock. Look, a big red rock. Look, a big red rock that looks cool.

This is where we parked the house boat. Fun little place. A few of us (NOT ME) jumped off this fun looking rock. I did swim to the little island rock with my life jacket though.
This is the jumping rock.

Look, a red rock. LOL

Friday, June 18, 2010

Retirement cake

This cake started out from the Wilton Lamb pan.
Add some fondant ears & a tail...
Some fur and a collar...

And my cake looks like a cat. Too bad I was trying to make a dog.
Now fun with making flowers.
I had my Friend Becky come & help shave down my cat so it would look like a dog. Where is Kim when you need her, she would have gotten it right the first time. She is awesome at cake carving.

End product, a chocolate dog cake. Happy retirement Sandy, this was a really fun cake to work on.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well for a day or 2 so far this year we have had some sunshine, as you can see from the background, this was taken on a day when we got some sun, after a day of rain.
Nothing like BMX'ing on a little girls bike.
Stockton's one handed trick. How do you like the helmet?
Cassidy is trying to ride my bike, which is 13 years old. Guess I didn't tighten the helmet.
I was outside going through some of my cook books, after about 20 mins I went in- it was getting a little warm. Nice tan line ehhh?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trents Toe

Poor Trent found out the hard way, that cutting a toe nail too short can only mean bad things. It took 7 shots to numb his toe. I was in the room with him, & watching his face, smelling the smells, it all came back to me... The time Nic had to get his bone marrow tested. Room started to get blurry, I started swaying, my stomach started turning. I was obviously not meant for a medical career. Closed my eyes-- okay, deep breaths, in. out, in, out. okay, opening my eyes. doing okay, that smell, room starts to look diagonal... Mind if I step outside for a drink. Splash a little water on my face, more deep breaths. ahhh, went back in only to see a bloody toe. Okay, I'm going to sit here, & play on my phone. That seemed to work. Maybe next time I'll send Nic. I'd hate to pass out, when I'm not the one going through the procedure.

Nic's Surgery

So Nic has had knee problems for about the last year. Had it looked at by our family doctor who stated it wasn't repairable. Finally last week he went to an Orthopedist/Sports Medicine Doctor. & yup, needs surgery to make it better. So today we had surgery at Ogden Regional. We were really excited about using different hospital (other than Davis). We were disappointed though. 2.5 hours in the pre-op room. Nurse forgot to give Nic his anti-nausea meds. Surgery lasted about 40 mins- which was what we expected. It's a laser surgery, and we had planned on him being able to go to work tomorrow & just be a little sore. Once the Surgeon got started, the tear was worse than expected, he had extra cartilage on one side, & none on the other. So one side had the extra taken off, the other had little holes drilled in the bone. It was explained to me that once the blood is able to flow in and out of the bone holes, it will soften it & be a make shift cartilage. So all the extra things we weren't planning on, caused Nic to have to be on crutches for 2-4 weeks. Bummer, Lake Powell trip is in 1 week. Dr said he could swim, because that's not putting pressure on it. --Sure, okay, we'll take it, but how to get up & down the boat ladder? Any ideas? Ni doesn't do so well when he gets put out. Hence the anti nausea meds. he is at home, laying in bed, sick to his stomach, not eating, doesn't want to take a pain pill because it will add to his nausea. Bad spot to be in. He has his leg wrapped from his foot to his thigh. It will be worth it once he can go back to playing basketball without pain.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Karlie's Graduation

Cassidy & I getting ready for a night out.

A night out with our friend Karlie.

She graduated from Beauty school
YEA! Congrats to Karlie!

We like to take pictures together


Finally a morning with out rain.
It was a little cold, but the animals are more active when it's not 90 degrees outside

I have until the end of the month until my zoo membership expires.

Won't be re-newing it, because 3 animals have died since January, & all bears have been shipped to other zoos while they re-construct their living quarters.

Lions are cool thoough, 4 really big ones. You could her him crunching into the piece of meat he was chewing on.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

$10.00 Yogurt

The $10.00 Yogurt. After an outing to gateway, all the kids go t a treat. I stopped at the chocolate factory & had a pretzel stick, dipped in caramel, then dipped in chocolate, then drizzled with white chocolate. Oh my, it was delicious! Cassidy & Stockton also picked out a treat from the chocolate factory. Trent decided he wanted some frozen yogurt, that was sold by the pound. He went in on his own while I was in line at the chocolate factory. Not thinking about how much it weighed, he went about his business filling up his gargantuan cup. When he got to the register & they gave him the total, I think he pooped a little. I had given him a $5.00 bill. & his cost was $10.00. He had to ask my sister to spot him another $5.00 to pay for his yogurt. It lasted the ride home, when it was put in the freezer, then eaten the next day.

Notice the 5 spoons, we all tried helping him eat but, but it was just too BIG!