Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well for a day or 2 so far this year we have had some sunshine, as you can see from the background, this was taken on a day when we got some sun, after a day of rain.
Nothing like BMX'ing on a little girls bike.
Stockton's one handed trick. How do you like the helmet?
Cassidy is trying to ride my bike, which is 13 years old. Guess I didn't tighten the helmet.
I was outside going through some of my cook books, after about 20 mins I went in- it was getting a little warm. Nice tan line ehhh?

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Krystal said...

Man... I would love it if my kids wanted to wear a helmet like the one that Stockton has on! So much coverage! :)
That picture of Cassidy with her helmet is pretty hilarious!
It's amazing how quickly you can get some color. Good thing you didn't burn!