Monday, June 22, 2009


If you were to look at these pictures what do you think they are of?

Does this help?
I decided to post this after having a conversation with my sister. It was after dinner on fathers day. I mentioned how all the rain had just about made my garden a lost cause. She didn't think it could be that bad. Well I told her it looked like someone had planted grass seed in my garden. What do you think.
Looking at the bottom picture, the row closest to the fence is potato's. I am sure they are fine I will dig them up when the time comes. The next 2 rows are green beans. Now I planted my garden a bit differently this year. & I will never do it this way again. Last year I planted seeds in my water rows, & that's it. not as many weeds & everything grew well. This year, I did it the right way, by planting seeds in between watering rows. Some rows are very narrow, some aren't. After the 2 rows of green beans-- that aren't doing so well, I have a row of cilantro, onions, cucumbers, and zucchini's. The next row was meant for corn, but it never got planted. The last row with all the cages; tomato's, peppers, & tomatillo's.
Anyhow I told my sister if 1 person took 1 square foot of garden & I had enough people to only do 1 square foot, it would take each person 1 hour to do their spot. I still stand behind that.
Not to mention that some of the weeds aren't weeds at all. But plants that got tilled up last fall. I've got potato plants- and I didn't plant any last year. I have about 12 tomato plants that I didn't plant, I also have mint, and a few misc., all growing where the corn was supposed to go.
I'd keep the tomato plants, if I didn't already have about 10. I planted too soon & some were lost to the freeze- or so I thought. I never dug them up thinking they would just die. Well, they didn't, they got a few black leaves for a while, but now have sprouted flower blossoms. Yup, gonna have tomato's coming out my ears. Maybe I'll can some sauce this year, or take them into work, cause we just can't eat that many, not even with the help of family & friends.


Four Little Chihuahuas said...

That's awesome!
It sounds like a surprise garden. Just think of the excitement of learning what kind of vegetable each plant really is! :)

Kim said...

o my gosh you weren't kidding.

Me said...

I am just going to put my two cents' worth in about mint: I will never plant it directly in the ground again. It is worse than grass for having invasive root systems. It just keeps coming back and back and back. I swear, if you think you have dug it all up, and you leave like a one-inch piece of root in the ground is all, come next spring you will have a 3-foot by 3-foot mint garden.....

I like Krystal's idea about the "surprise" garden, though! You might even come up with some new kind of hybrids!