Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Evening-Or not.

Story # 1
So last night was my Bunko night. The food was Yummy and I had a good time, nice to get out. On my way home ( it took all of about 5 minutes) I noticed a car was following me. Normally I wouldn't care, small town.. But it kept honking at me. I sat at a traffic light waiting for my green arrow & I kept hearing a honking. I looked around, no hand gestures (waving or otherwise) I didn't recognize any of the surrounding cars. So I ignored it. I got my arrow, then turned, the car behind me still seemed to be trying to get my attention, flashing brights at me & then finally pulled over & it looked like they wanted me to pull over as well. I checked & had my phone & purse, my doors were all shut, my lights were on- I didn't leave anything on my bumper, I didn't hit any small animals or children, so I kept driving. The car had pulled off quite close to the turn into my neighborhood. Feeling a little paranoid, I took the long way home to ensure that the car had in fact quit following me. I went home & called my friend Kim (Bunko was at her house) and asked if I had left something there & maybe she sent one of the gals after me to let me know. Nope, she didn't. So glad I took precaution. To all of my friends reading this, if it was you, let me know, so I am not looking over my shoulder Ü
Story # 2
As I was pulling into the driveway Trent & his friend Kasey were leaving on bikes. I stopped Trent to find out where he was going after 9 O'clock at night. He said they were making a Walmart run & that Nic had approved & he would be home by 10. Okay, no problem. I went in, got ready for bed, & went to bed. I laid there awake for a while, ears picking every little sound (thanks to my paranoia). Also, I had had an extremely large brownie sundae for dessert & my stomach was on the verge of exploding I had stuffed it to the max and then some, so I couldn't seem to get comfy enough to drift off. Nic came in about 10:20 or so to get his phone and call Trent, he hadn't come home yet. I hear him call Trent's phone, then I hear Trent's phone ringing in his room. I then yell for him to call his friend Kacey's cell. Then I hear a car pulling into the cul-de-sac & saw very bright lights. The paranoia kicks in again & I get up to look and see if the car looks similar to the one in the above referenced story. No, this on was a cop car with the spot light on. SH**, as I sigh, thinking the worst of my 12 year old son. I march myself down stairs to tell Nic & I hear Trent & Kacey talking to him. In a state of partial slumber, annoyance and anger I demand to know why there is a Police Officer driving slowly around the cul-de-sac using his spotlight. They picked up on my accusatory tone & explained to me that Trent's bike had almost been stolen. It took about 3 times hearing the story, stopping for them to talk to the officer and me asking questions in my tired state of mind, to finally understand and comprehend the story. I am going to try & get Trent to write up a version of his story for posting. I ended up going to bed at about midnight, then woke up about 4:45am to go to the gym for a much needed workout.


Four Little Chihuahuas said...

Dang! That sounds like a pretty exciting night! I am dreading having teenagers... it is intimidating! :) I'm glad you were safe and cautious. People can be crazy!

Kim said...

What did the car look like?