Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Joy of Kids

I really wish I could have experienced this first hand, but I will go off Nic recollection.
Every time I think about it, I grin and giggle.
On the way to the babysitter (Kim) the other morning, Nic had himself, Cassidy & Stockton in his truck. Kim only lives about 5 minutes away. On the way, Stockton starts patting his pants pocket & starts talking to it. "I sure hope you are going to be okay in there." Nic asked him who he was talking to. He responded with "My Tato bug" like Duh, how could you not know. Yes, before leaving he had found himself a little potato bug friend & decided to take him to be friends with his friend Logan. When they got there, the bud was no where to be found--
My guess is that it fell in between the seats of Nic's truck.
He was a little bummed, but got over it quickly enough.
As Nic was telling me the story, Stockton chirped in with- I put some grass in my pocket to so he could have something to eat. So We will see what comes out of the dryer filter...
Stockton, such a cutie pie.

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Jay said...

I love kids what a cute story