Thursday, May 14, 2009


Nic is feeling icky. He woke up, made a few calls, ate, took pills, & went back to bed, then woke back up had lunch & more pills & back down. Then he will get up and lay around, because he is tired of sleeping. This has become a ritual for the day after chemo.
How am I feeling, you ask? 95% better than yesterday. I have been drinking water, and I ate good food. I slept well last night. Am I stressing?-- As much as can be expected. I am going through the medical bills & matching up receipts, statements and bills. I sure love my insurance.
For the weeks to come-Starting next week, I will have Cassidy's pitching machine on Tue & Thurs & Trents baseball on Wed & Fri. That sure makes for a full week, for many weeks to come!

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