Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank You

I can not express the joy I felt when I arrived home to see my yard work had been done. I was planning on mowing the lawn after work. I left work at 6 with a migraine that had me sick to my stomach- I had taken my medication on an empty stomach, which didn't help. I came home & noticed my yard looked neat. not unkempt and over grown, like it did when I went to work. So I came in & there was dinner (Thanks Nate & Jen) Delicious. I ate a big helping so that my pill would kick in- and it did. Then I had extra time to spend with the kids. Something that is not common anymore on weeknights. I am grateful for my family and all they are doing to help out! Nic & I really appreciate it. Thanks again, Nate and Jen, Mom, Trent & Monica & Eddie and family. We love and appreciate you!