Thursday, September 11, 2008


Okay, so I have had some headaches, backaches, painful hips, & it all started to be a little too much for my mind power to handle. So today I spent 2 hours at the chiropractor's. After some X-rays and some other testing-- he showed me my neck, hips, & back, compared to "normal ones. Well Okay, I could certainly see the difference.
My neck is supposed to go like this (
My neck looks like this )
Yea, that would explain my migraines &upper back pain. Doctor said this was probably from an injury that happened about 5 years ago.
Nexy we move on to my back. My mid-lower back was curved correctly, but not spaced well.
Once again-- normal _ _ _ _ _ _
how mine looks _ _ _ ___ _
Yup missing a few spaces.
Now my hips have bothered me for quite some time. Thanks to punctuation, here is yet another example:
The l is my spine & the - are my hips
Normal -l-
Mine _l-
Yup, my hips are not alligned. How about that? So lots of doctor visits for a while-- As said on the simpsons;
"I'll need to see you every 2 weeks for the rest of your life"
He did a little adjusting & OMG the pain...
I'll be icing myself down for a while. If anyone needs me, check the freezer.

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Karlie and Tyler said...

Oh my heck!! I didn't read this before. Are you feeling better? I'm sorry!!! Do you need anything?! I feel so bad that I just barely read this!