Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mary Kay

So, I have a friend who is getting out of the Mary Kay business, & is doing a final order. I went on line to see what I wanted, and found this really cool thing.

I uploaded a picture of me. I used this one. Then I could change my eye shadow, my lip & cheek color, it was actually pretty fun. How do you keep Amber busy- by playing virtual make-over of course.

I will be doing peaches soon--we all look forward to seeing that! Bottling peaches also means fresh peach pie-- Yummy, that will be next weeks recipe of the week. Speaking of recipes, the cinnamon rolls I tried came out great-- I did put a little too much frosting on them, but still good.

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Karlie and Tyler said...

You look hot in this picture! OW OW!