Friday, August 28, 2009

Treatment # 11

One more left-praise God!
We got there, he was doing fine. The doctor said his counts should be fine, especially after being on prednisone. Then they took blood to determine if the counts were high enough that he wouldn't need the shot. His counts came back at .8. They ran it again to make sure. The nurse told us that .8 was so low that they couldn't administer chemo. Sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the last 30 days, I think they have been doing construction & we've had to take a detour. She said she'd have to get the doctor to approve it. We went from sitting there, being happy, making jokes, to sinking down in our chairs thinking negatively. The nurse said his levels had to be at a 1.5 in order to receive chemo. He was able to get the treatment. I think the Doctor secretly knew I would give his house a god toilet papering if he denied it. Or that maybe we'd never come back. So yea, we had the treatment, & Nic had to have the shot- hopefully the last one ever for the rest of his life. His nausea has been terrible, so this treatment and the last one he was given a sample medication. He takes one pill right before treatment, then one the following day & again the following day. This has been a miracle pill for him. It doesn't really take care of all of the nausea, but it keeps him from throwing up. For the last treatment I have a prescription for these pills. The nurse warned me, not to pass out when it comes to paying for this prescription... I have yet to take it in. I've got a week and a 1/2 to try and brace myself. I have good insurance, but still, I am wondering it will be anything like the $6000.00 shot, or will it be more like $150.00 for 3 pills. Either way, does it really cost that much for the ingredients, or am I paying for all of the research that went into it, & for all the research that went into pills that didn't work out.
Oh well. 1 more left, 1 more left.
I have posted a sticky note on my mirror,
1 more left!

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