Monday, August 3, 2009

Cancer gets in one last kick

So Friday we went to the Uintah's, just as beautiful as I remember. We hiked in, &on Saturday morning, Nic felt a lack of energy & that something (some sort of sickness) was going to invade him. So we got home & he was in bed for the rest of the day. Feeling achy X 5. Sunday as I was getting ready for Cassidy's party I could tell he just wasn't right. It took more energy than he had, just to make it to her party. Last night I finally got a clue & took his temp. Yup, something did invade & was conquering. So this morning I took him to the Doctor & they ordered some tests & did an X-ray. We should hear back this afternoon. He has no appetite, he is still very achy, still feverish, and instead of breathing normally, it's more of a pant. He isn't breathing well. I will update once I hear back from the Doctor.
We got a call from the Nurse at the cancer center. They can't find a reason for the symptoms. Lungs are clear, culture negative. She didn't say anything about the blood count. Just to stay on the antibiotic & go to his treatment as scheduled on Wednesday.


Jay said...

Sorry to hear this I'll keep you guys in my prayers.

Four Little Chihuahuas said...

Oh man, I hope he starts feeling better. I'm thinking of you guys.

BellaRosePhotography said...

Thank goodness! You had me worried!