Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shoulda, coulda, woulda

The Cabin
So, I am totally aware that I need to update my blog. I had plans to do it tonight/tomorrow. I've got pictures from first day of school, a zoo trip, soccer games, football games, the wedding cake, my garden over haul, ... But for now I would only be able to do the stories, for you see a tragedy occurred today. Trent had a football game in Smithfield. After the game we went to Nic's moms' cabin. It is about 20 mins from Smithfield. Much closer than the 1 hour drive home. Knowing this would probably be the last trip we were taking up there this year, I wanted to get a few shots. Nic & the kids were down at the river catching baby fish-- & when I say catching, I mean inside a paper cup, just for the kids to get a closer look & maybe hold the cup for a few minutes. I was in the river on a rock. I had taken a few picts. & lost my balance. Really, do I need to say more? I am sure most of you are saying yes & that you want detail. Especially those of you who know I have a fear of water, and what the extent of it is. (Deep breaths-- oh the memories). It starts on a rock. A mossy wet rock. I move to get a different angle. Not only is the rock wet & slippery, it is loose. I slipped. I tried grabbing the post to regain my balance. However, the post was rotted & was no help. I didn't really have room to turn my slip into a jump, because of the kids trying to catch fish. SPLASH, down I go, camera and all. I held my arm up to try and save my camera (after it was submersed). My head & 1/2 of my torso was above water. I had nothing to grab onto to get myself up. & had Nic grab the camera so I could use my arm to get up. The water was cold and most of Nic's family was there & heard me making these gorilla noises. whooo haaaa, between the cold water, the laughter & a little hidden phobia, I am sure the sight & sound was hilarious. Had my camera not been dripping I would have asked Nic to take a picture of me. Once he had my camera & had set it on a rock, he helped me up. I almost pulled him in , being that the rocks he was standing on were also slimy & unstable. (Pretty sure my weight had nothing to do with the fact that he was having a hard time- those of you reading, feel free to insert nose giggle here [ ] ). I climbed back on the the cabin lawn laughing in disbelief, with a few family members wondering-- do I laugh, or is she going to make a scene because she touched water. They are all aware of my water phobia. After Jon- my brother in law asked if I was okay, they sensed that I wasn't going to go into shock & hypothermia. Nick described the whole incident as a turtle who was stock on their back. Arms and legs flailing, bot not able to move. I can laugh about it now, so go ahead and join in. about 10 minutes later, after a change of clothes, I wanted to try & catch fish myself-- not this isn't going where you think it is. about 2 minutes after I was down at the river, the kids were all headed up (can't remember why) & I started back up. I had 2 rocks give way & start rolling. I had both hands free & steadied myself on a step. When the kids went back down to let the fishes go. I decided I had better stay up on the lawn. My camera is currently drying. I decided not to try turning it on for a few days. I am sure the pictures I had on the memory card will be fine, but not sure the camera will recover. I accidentally left it up at the cabin, but will be seeing my mother in law on Tuesday, which will be a great time to turn it on and see if it still works.

This would be the post that no longer serves a purpose.

The rocks have been moved, bit the general area of where I fell in, is the obvious one, only I'd say there was more water involved. These pictures were taken when the water was lower.

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