Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stockton Story- Touch, Touch.

Stockton is at such a fun age & is such a cute kids that I could do a blog of "Stocktonisms" all day long. I can't believe it's taken me this long to write up the story, but it's so funny to me.

Back when we were at our Uintah's trip... the drive down.

The 2 older kids had Nintendo DS's to play to make the ride a little easier. Stockton was a little miffed that Trent wouldn't share his. He was watching intently as Trent played. No personal space involved. Trent got tired of having Stockton in his face & telling him how to play.. Please a 4 year old, telling the electronics king of the 12 year old's how to play- Trent wasn't having any of it. Nic & I had both took turns telling Stockton to sit back & not place his arms outside of his car seat area. (Only we told on on a 4 year old level) Ü. Still upset at Trent for not sharing, Nic & I keep hearing him squeal. Not typical 4 year old boy squeal, but banshee squeal. With out even turning around, Nic & I take turns popping off at Trent to be nice to his brother, quick making him squawk. It's not my favorite sound, when traveling in the car, or shopping at the grocery store, or in the waiting room at the doctor's office, or ever, actually. I finally flipped my mirror so I could watch what was going on. We had already threatened Trent with everything but the kitchen sink-- and maybe that as well, it needed a good cleaning. So, with my mirror, I couldn't believe it. Trent was trying his hardest to ignore this demon child and his torture. After a few seconds of watching, I lightly tapped Nic & said, you've got to see this. So when he could catch a glimpse through his mirror he saw, at first we laugh about it. which as you all know, would egg on any 4 year old bored & in need of attention. Then we had to threaten him with everything. However, this child know all, -please, are you really going to stop the car, Uh-huh. & you think you are going to make me take a nap in the tent, sure. No treats, really, well I'd like to see that. No treats camping, would really be a first. He knew we were bluffing and called us on it.

What was going on? Trent had told him not to touch him. Stockton's reply was, but I love you & I just want to touch you. Then proceeded to point his index finger & touch Trent somewhere on his face & each time he made contact he'd say. Touch, Touch.. He was poking Trent in the ear, on the nose, in the eye, on the cheek. Touch, Touch, Touch.

~Sorry, I had to pause and laugh while remembering the sound of his voice & the look of pure annoyance on Trent's face.~

A few things have happened since then that make think to see what is happening, before I flat out blame Trent. Look out Trent, Stockton has begun to hold his own.

At times when Trent is frustrated with me or mad at the world (as teenagers are, about once a week or so) I try to diffuse him by poking at his face & saying touch touch touch. So far so good.

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