Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Stockton has been throwing up here and there. Usually right when he wakes up, be if from a nap or whatever. Last night Nic & I woke up & heard him crying, about 1:00 AM. Usually Stockton finds his way into our room & sleeps with us. His room is a land mine, he's got dinosaurs all over his floor, pirates & cars. You can imagine stepping on any of those in the dark while being 1/2 asleep. So I figured he hit a land mine on his way into our room. So Nic & I both waited for him to come in-- well he didn't. I went in to see why he was crying & the smell hit me at his door. Acidic vomit. He was still laying down- he hasn't mastered how to properly throw up. So lately when he has been throwing up, if he is laying down, he will swallow & re-throw up. So I got into his room, had him sit up, I called for Nic to come & help me. I tried pulling off his shirt with out getting any on him, & was having a heck of a time. Stockton was crying & started yelling "I'm having a little trouble in here" Silly what kids say in that sleepy state. But it really cracked us up- at 1 in the morning.

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Kim said...

Thats hilarious! You never told me he said that. The throwing up part not so funny. You left the best part of the story out.