Thursday, November 13, 2008


Stockton had a few bad teeth. So Nic & I decided we would go ahead and do sedated dental work. He did good, the Dentist said most kids wake up 1/2 way through & they have to give more medicine. Stockton didn't wake up for about 2 hours after he was done. The rest of the day he was dizzy and didn't feel well. He was on the couch, didn't eat until dinner. Threw up a few times, but it was only water. We took him to a pediatric dentist, Cassidy & Trent went to our family dentist down the hall. When Stockton woke up I took him in to where the other kids were. We were watching Cassidy in the chair and Stockton threw up. Just missing Cassidy's face. I felt bad & offered to clean it up, but the dental assistant said she would have to do it, policy reasons. Bummer..

You may notice, Stockton now has a gap in his front teeth. They were very close together & the dentist was worried if we couldn't floss them, they would get cavities, so he made a little space for us to floss.
You can compare his teeth
Stockton woke up this morning feeling fine. He said his cheeks felt puffy. He still has a purple gum, where they had to put a crown on his tooth.

My advice so parents with small kids who always brush.


The majority of my kid's cavities, have been inbetween their teeth.

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