Sunday, November 9, 2008


CASSIDY GOT HER EARS PIERCED! I'll post pictures soon-- Since I am baking the next 2 days-- not only 7 doz. cookies, but now a cake order as well (that feeds 75) I'll be busy.
We have gone in a few times before & every time Cassidy gets nervous & calls it off. This time I told her, if she changed her mind, we would wait until she was 7 before trying again. So she picked out her earrings & we had to wait for one of the workers to get back from lunch, so we could do both ears at the same time. Mean while, we spotted her dance teacher, who gave her cheers & support to do it. Then when the time came, we had an audience, people standing in the store & at the window. I could tell she was nervous, but with this many people watching, I also knew she wouldn't change her mind. Then it happened. The look on her face... If she wasn't surrounded by people who were watching her, she would have cried. But thanks to the audience, she didn't. and is now very happy she went through with it.

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