Friday, October 17, 2008


Today we went to the zoo, along with everyone else... For some reason I thought I was the only one with this brilliant idea......

We got there about 10:30, it was still kinda cool for the AM. A lot of the animals were out and active- After lunch when it warmed up, they weren't so active. We only had a few animals left when Nic called to see how the kids were liking the zoo-- he was asking where we were & what animal we were looking at-- That little stinker, He came to the zoo after work to surprise us. & what a surprise it was when he came walking up. The kids seemed to be zapped with new energy! Nic hasn't come to the zoo with us in years, because he feels the animals would rather not be living there. So once Nic got there, we toured the zoo again. The kids will be sleeping good tonight! It was a wonderful day to go & a good time was had by all. I have quite a few pictures, but will only post a few of them.

This one is my favorite picture. Nic is such a good dad.

As you can see from the previous pictures Stockton was Not being nice when it came to pictures. I think almost all the pictures I took he either had his eyes closed or tongue sticking out.

To end our trip to the zoo, we took a nice little 60 second train ride.

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