Friday, September 11, 2009

With Grattitude

I want to thank the wonderful Young Women's group from West Haven, and Grandma Hadley for organizing the activity.
Grandma happened to look at my blog when I posted about my garden. You'll have to go back & look at the blog.
I never had time to weed it, so I just kept watering it, & that's it. I did pick some green beans and bottled them. When the weeds were taller than Stockton, I gave up. Then we got a call from Grandma that she was coming over with her young women's group to weed our garden. We tried to tell her that each girl could maybe pick a square foot & work on it for an hour & then go home.
I was trying to be sneaky & take a picture from my back door with out them seeing.
She said they would do what they could. My beans had been harvested, my herbs were WAY out of control. My cucumbers had been choked out by the weeds. I still have plenty of tomatoes & tomatillos. I asked Grandpa Hadley if he thought my potatoes had survived. I told him that that had grown for a while, but had since died. He took his shovel & did a little digging. It didn't take much & red potatoes started popping up everywhere. I was so happy. Every time I have planted potatoes in that garden, they have never really made it. This year I had a good crop. I made hash browns for breakfast & masked potatoes for dinner the following day. My family is still using the tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. I also had a zucchini plant make it, I now I've got too many. But I'm not complaining.
~Thank You Ladies~
You need to look back and find the post where it has a picture of how it looked when I gave up.

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Karlie Urayna Bruce said...

Aw... That is sooo sweet! I miss Gma Hadley she is just too cute